Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a high impact platform for standing out and getting noticed. Outdoor formats are an effective and powerful way of delivering advertising messages, to engage multiple audiences as they go about their daily lives. Billboard 48 and 96 sheets plus 6 sheets provide continuous advertising presence to engage the consumer in a variety of different locations.

Being an independent agency we are able to remain impartial in our guidance and will work with you to hand pick the perfect selection of the best poster sites available in your chosen locations, to help you achieve your campaign aims and target the right people. We aim to stay up to date on the latest innovations in out of home advertising, regularly dealing in traditional and digital billboard formats, along with more interactive and experiential outdoor opportunities.

Why use Outdoor Advertising?

Lamppost advertisements


Lamppost advertising is one of the most traditional forms of outdoor advertising because of their ability to guarantee exposure in high traffic locations. Lampposts provide advertisers the ability to specifically target their desired geographical location and target specific consumers. Almumin offers lampposts in prime, high traffic locations where ads will be strategically displayed.

Advantages of Lampposts

  • Guarantee excellent visibility both night and day
  • Offer eye-catching and desirable locations for daily audiences
  • Remain durable and weather resistant
  • Cost effective