Radio Activations

Why use Radio Advertising?

Radio promises advertisers significant scale and influence when broadcasting key messages. With one of the lowest levels of advertising avoidance, radio allows marketers to reach out to thousands of new customers as well as existing consumers with essential messages at key activity moments across the day. Radio is seen as a cost effective frequency medium that is great for generating high reach figures and valuable for building a brands reputation.

We are able to help you select the most appropriate radio stations to suit your campaign aims within the areas you want to cover, and secure the best opportunities for your budget. We can also help with the creation and approval of your advert; working with you to produce a high quality message using talented production companies, that will help you stand out and get noticed.

Almumin Advertising can help you cost-effectively incorporate radio into your marketing plans. Whether you’re looking for airtime, sponsorships, exciting promotions or engaging competitions, we make sure our clients are presented with a wide range of the most suitable options available.

Radio Activation